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Legal Sadist: New Law Enforcement For Justice

band aid justice sadist

Legal Sadist… Band Aid Justice may have arisen from the suffering caused by several human conditions -betrayal, restraint, and the unyielding struggle for autonomy.  Although, there are people who suffer daily from these conditions, and without any outside influence, there are also people who receive gratification (sadist) by inflicting such suffering.

Like anyone overindulgent, a sadist becomes desensitized to human suffering.  And… like anyone overindulgent, the pursuit to amplify their deadened self-gratification intensifies.  While all of us self-endure the daily trials of life, the sadist demands we sacrifice to fuel their urge for self-gratification.  Excluding masochism, the sadist model supports equality for both parties, and as the subject of their desire, we have the power to stop the affliction and suffering.

Tools of the Legal Sadist

Media has always depicted the sadist’s work as acted out in an obscure dark room.  This is where leather tools and chains daunt the imagination and torment the human psyche.  As we fix our gaze upon the traditional sadist, a new beast emerges from the depths of Hades… The Legal Sadists.  This sadist is unlike the traditional.  S/he wears a badge, or business suit, and in an attempt to keep with traditions, the master figure wears a black robe.

As part of their foreplay, the Legal Sadist may at times tote leather-bound books titled “Law,” and the enforcers carry handcuffs, and nightsticks, which to some are clubs, and to others a dildo.  The intent of an obscure dark room is to manifest anxiety and fear of the unknown, but the Legal Sadist camouflages that intent with bright lights and impactful design; they call it “The Court.”  Again, in keeping with tradition, leather meets chain for restraining the subject, but in public view to intensify the affliction and suffering with a little humiliation.

Our justice system has become the ultimate playground for the legal sadists, and their trafficking and sacrifice of the human spirit exceeds that which moved our forefathers to escape their master, begin a new, and frame laws restraining the sadist -our government, and their King.  Unlike their cousins, these new legal sadists use the tools of Bureaucracy, and cowardly hide behind statutes that are arbitrarily and selectively used where and when the master in the “Black Robe” can inflict the most damage; yet this done without our permission, or a “safe word” to end the affliction.

Blinded from Bias and Prejudice

Since Lady Justice first arrived, blindfolded, on the steps of the Courthouse, it is ironic we focused on her inability to see when we should have listened to her voice.  The relief and justice people seek rests not in what she cannot see, it rests in what she has to say.  The blindfold is only the object reflecting on our nature to be visually prejudice.  But now, the legal sadist, has taken control, and we’ve become numb to the pain suffered by so many.  The screams are deafening, and not because “Justice is blind,” because Justice was gaged.

The Band-Aid over the mouth of Justice was put there by our legal sadists (“court officers”), who were entrusted and sworn to ensure her words were delivered equally and justly.  Instead, these officers conceal Her truth with a Judicial Band-Aid of convenience.  The Band Aid of Her censorship is not for social justice, but to amplify the Black Robe’s overindulgence, and revitalize the desensitization of people suffering from injustice.

The Scarred Bruised Body

The greatest pain we may come to accept, is that under the robe of Lady Justice lies a scarred, bruised, body marked by the legal sadist, the enforcers of “injustice justice.”  Regardless of how small, each injustice endured by the people becomes another mark upon the innocence of Her flesh.  Equal Rights for All is a repugnant concept if it is not built upon the solid foundation of Equal Justice for All.  Our salvation from injustice justice comes through the education of individual rights, and the acceptance of equality.  Only then shall we attain knowledge for putting into action the idea of justice -once imagined.

Dumbing Down the Citizenry

But… even in education we must again face the sadist.  For the education necessary to internalize and engage those important concepts is concealed by entrusted officers; as such, we are forced to accept the standard of being “dumbed down.”  Centuries ago, the ancestors of these trusted officers devised a plan, endorsed with our bodies, to dumb down human values, ethics, morals, and our expectations of a joyful life.  The famed struggle for All to rise equally is a blueprint drawn as an inexhaustible torment upon the human spirit, its premise relies on our weakness and fear of failure.

There is relief, for all people.  We shall all enjoy the freedom God promised, a guarantee with this life.  But this demands we all join together, push aside the fear of failure, and rejoice in the possibility of prospering beyond our wildest dreams.  To do this, the physically strong must endure for the weak, the knowledgeable teach those who don’t understand, and the divine shine bright for those who have lost their way.