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Simply fill in the form and click the “send” button. Only then will your message reach the minds of reason. I invite all forms of comments, questions and concerns.

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Other methods of contact:

Contact via Comments

If you wish to vent about a blog post or story on Band Aid Justice, then I suggest you contact all by using the comments area placed strategically under each posting.  Please see the Disclaimer page for your rights and posted comments.

… via Documents

If you have a document you wish to share, it is best to upload your document to a cloud drive (Google Drive, DropBox, OneDrive, Copy, etc.) or Document Sharing platform via “scribd,” and then share the link via email.  All of the above options provide privacy.

… via Voice

If you wish to speak directly, then you must use this contact form to request a meeting.  Once your intentions are verified, I’ll make time to accept your voice communication.  I use Google HangOut, Skype, etc.

Have a great day!