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This site is offered as-is.  That is the disclaimer.


Band Aid Justice (herein as “BAJ”).

Band Aid Justice Admin, Operator, Writer, Blogger, or Moderator (herein as “Team”).

Visitor, Guest, Guest Commentator, or Member (herein as “You” or “Your”).


Your privacy is the first order of business.

You shall not be spammed from Band Aid Justice.

Your private information, if taken, shall not be used for any other purpose than the purpose you agreed to when you provided said information.


Posted material on BAJ is our right.  (First Amendment)

What You post is your right and BAJ business.

Band Aid Justice is not libel for others’ comments. (47 U.S.C. § 230)


If what others post is harmful to children, not protected expression, or could potentially cause BAJ to be libel, then it shall remain posted as evidence but hidden from public view.

If the material posted is inaccurate, it shall remain posted as evidence and accompanied by a link to an update at the bottom of said material.

If what BAJ or others post disturbs You, or causes You to fear for your safety, or causes You emotional distress, or contains what You believe to be obscene, that’s Your business and Your right. You shall comment on such issues and then avert Your eyes. (Snyder v. Phelps, Supreme Court 2011)

If material posted is Your business and invades upon Your reasonable expectation of privacy, then be sure BAJ has no right to post it before bringing the issue to the attention of our Team.

If You believe that material posted is in violation of ANYTHING, be sure You are 100% right before lawyering up.  Because if BAJ has every right to post it, Your attorney’s letter and the posted material shall become everyone’s business.



(The following message is satire.)

The best disclaimer of all!  If You really really really want material removed, and You’re willing to pay an attorney, then save the legal fee and email BAJ with Your best offer.  Oh, cash deals only and all communications will be recorded.  If any of the BAJ Team is required to meet you to receive the cash, You will be searched thoroughly for a wire and/or mini cam recorder, and the Team will call the FCC to inquire about any drone flight plans scheduled for that day (drone laws article).  Our Team can’t be too careful!